Removable Dentures

A Removable Partial Denture is an option your prosthodontist can suggest in case you have missing teeth. Its main advantage? This dental prosthesis helps patients to chew and smile again, while preventing the remaining natural teeth from shifting. Other options for replacing missing teeth are dental implants and fixed dentures. All of them have the same aim: to restore oral health function and aesthetics. After a consultation, your dentist will analyze your situation and suggest the different possibilities for you to decide. Removable Partial Dentures is one way to restore your missing teeth while improving your facial appearance and self-confidence.

What are Removable Partial Dentures?

A Removable Partial Denture consists of a pink or gum-colored plastic base to which the new, artificial, replacement teeth are attached to. Sometimes a metal framework holds the denture in place inside the mouth. Partial Removable Dentures are the best option when, even if the patient has a number of missing teeth, one or more natural teeth are still present in the upper jaw or lower jaw. This is because Removable Partial Dentures need to be attached to natural teeth either with clasps or with some other device acting as precision attachments.