PRP Treatment

Hair And Skin Treatments

Our Hair and Skin is one of the most vital parts of our body. Hair is produced from the melanin protein of the body and protects your skin from the granular dust and preserves your body temperature. Whereas Skin builds up more muscle oxygenation which is the primary benefits and second being the exquisiteness of your body. People usually don’t take care of these parts and eventually lead to the deterioration. To avoid the deterioration of the skin, plasma which is the prime fluid in our body carries the nutrients by carrying blood cells throughout the body. The fluid is known for fostering hair follicle function.

What Are The Treatments Available?

A person who suffers from the low-density hair can retain the hair with the help of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP Therapy). It’s the therapy in which the processed plasma which doesn’t contain red and white cells is injected into the scalp to enhance the growth of the hair. An individual is eligible for the PRP treatment if he or she:
  • Don’t drink or smoke frequently
  • Don’t have any medical conditions or disorders like cancer, platelet dysfunction syndrome, or any chronic skin disease.
  • Don’t take drugs.
  • Don’t use any blood thinners.
The PRP procedure is a simple process. MyCare Dental and Aesthetic Clinic asks for your medical history, your family medical history, and retrieve all the information about your hair loss situation. Doctors here will take care of the treatment by taking blood tests or a scalp biopsy to determine if you’re eligible for the treatment. Moreover, in the further procedure, the area is marked where the hair needs to be restored and the PRP is injected deep into your scalp. PRP injection cost is cost-effective for the patients at MyCare Dental and Aesthetic Clinic