Mole, Skin Tag Removal

Why We Need To Mole Removal Treatment?

Periodic monitoring and regular medical check-ups of moles are important to help determine which moles need to be removed. Certain moles become darker with time maybe during the pregnancy or exposure to the sun. People who live in sunny climates and who do not practice sun avoidance are likely to have more pigmented nevi. Removal of Moles is important as it may hamper your day to day activities and is usually located at the place which can be easily injured.
Mole removal is done for the purpose of health, comfort or cosmetic reasons. It may be performed via cauterization or surgery. Mole can be removed naturally as well but apparently that takes a good amount of time.

What Do We Offer?

Here at MyCare Dental and Aesthetic Clinic we have an expert team who looks into Mole skin tag removal cauterization and is endeavoured to provide you with nothing but the best service. Mole removal cauterization is one of the most effective mole removal procedures which involves altering the layer of skin in order to decrease the chances of the moles growing back.
In cauterization at first, we sterilize and numb the area surrounding the mole using aesthetic injections. Then, we perform a biopsy which is performed for health reasons. A special tool is used to burn away several layers of skin in order to get rid of all the moleskin cells and decrease the chances of getting the mole back. Since it is a process which involves the burning of skin so it does not need stitches. But as we at MyCare Dental and Aesthetic Clinic believe in the saying that prevention is better than cure, we suggest to keep a bandage on the particular area for a few days to avoid infection out of the wound. Cauterization is less costly compared to the other treatments with lesser chances of infection.
A similar problem to mole is skin tags. These are small, soft, skin-coloured growths that hang off skin and look a bit like warts. They are made of loose collagen fibers which are proteins found throughout our body. Removal of skin tags can be easily done by burning or freezing off in a similar way as it is done for moles. They can also be removed surgically, sometimes using the local anaesthetic. Wondering where can mole removal be done near me? Please feel free to contact us and we shall get back to you with the best of solutions.