Gum Surgery

Gum Surgery, otherwise called Periodontal Surgery is done to treat the damages the gums have created to the tooth and tooth-related parts of the mouth. People may identify gum surgery as a cosmetic cure; while it cannot be neglected, there are different reasons. Gum surgery is done on a patient to avoid major complications like

Types of Gum Surgeries

Most gum surgeries are done to remove bacterial infections. However, due to certain chronic illnesses and the medication is taken to cure them may also cause Gum diseases. These are successfully done through Periodontal surgeries. Let us take a look at the types of Gum surgeries and what you may expect during and after the surgery.
  1. Flap Surgery: This is a common surgical method to remove excess bacteria formation on the teeth. There are instances where the bacteria forms in between the gums and the teeth. To remove that, the gums are flapped up, and bacteria are removed. 
  2. What to Expect: The surgery involves stitching of the gums after the cleanup. There are situations where the bone requires reshaping during this procedure.
  3. Bone Grafting: This is done when the bone that surrounds the root of the teeth gets damaged. This is a replaceable surgery where the old damaged bone is replaced with a new bone. The procedure is done to help teeth to regrow
  4. What to Expect: The bone that is required to replace can be the bone of the patient. It can also be a donated one, or there are technological advancements where artificial bones are manufactured to help this cause.
  5. Guided Tissue Regeneration: This is an effective procedure to stimulate tissue and bone growth. Thin membrane-like material is placed between the tissue and the bone so that they do not interfere with one another. This is an essential procedure to avoid overgrowth of bones or tissue that may cause many complications.
  6. What to Expect: For the treatment to be done, the dentists shall suggest Flap surgery to happen first to remove all the bacteria formation.
  7. Tissue Grafting: This is the same as the Bone grafting procedure where the Tissues are replaced. There are instances when the tissue may be damaged or missing. This is an effective surgical procedure that helps regrowth of the tissues.
  8. What to Expect: Here again, the tissue used to replace may belong to the patient himself or be procured from a donor. No artificial elements are used for this treatment.
  9. Crown Lengthening: This is a type of cosmetic surgery too. The gums that have grown lengthier than the teeth are cut off to make the teeth look longer.
  10. What to Expect: It is slightly painful when the gums are removed, and you will feel uncomfortable for quite some time.