Dark Circle Treatment

If you are suffering from dark circles by now you would have known that under eye creams alone do not work. Most cases require one of the following treatments:

The commonly known eye bags or the puffiness under the eyes and pigmentation are a result of the combined effect of inflammation, chronic sun damage and the downward pull of gravity on under eye circles. Chemical peels are effective in rejuvenating skin around the eyes by exfoliating damaged upper layers of skin to reveal new, healthier skin, increasing elasticity, and moisturizing skin.

Eye Filler-Eye fillers help in filling the depression under your eyes which causes dark circles. This improves your looks and you’ll feel youthful and fresh because it adds volume to the under eye area making you look more alert.

Laser Toning- A treatment using 1320 nm wavelength of Q Switched Nd:YAG laser, based on the principle of selective destruction of pigmented cells.